Black Friday has finally arrived and we have some irresistible offers on shoes and bags that will make your style shine Now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with unique, quality items!

Black Friday Scintillante: Shoes and Bags at Crazy Prices!

📌 By purchasing a bag, you will receive a free gift a refined and comfortable wallet to match

Black friday

Welcome to the world of timeless elegance of Sara Burglar, a brand renowned for its bags of high quality, elegance and style.

And if you decide to buy one of our wonderful bags, we will have a special surprise in store for you: an equally refined wallet, also by Sara Burglar.

The wallet offered as a gift is a high-quality accessory, made from the best materials available on the market. It is the perfect companion for your new bag and will help make your outfits even more sophisticated. A combination of elegance and functionality.

It is the gift that will crown your impeccable style.

Choose your favourite bag and you will receive a free wallet

When placing an order, please indicate the desired colour of the wallet in the notes. This ensures that the correct colour is delivered. Adding a simple note indicating the colour and any other specific details can make the ordering process smoother and more efficient, eliminating the need for further communication or exchange.

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Black friday

📌 Save 20% on Stylish Slouchy Models and Add Style to Your Wardrobe

Black friday

If you are looking for beautiful slouchy boots that are also comfortable to wear, look no further, we have already selected them for you

Choose from the models presented in our collection and receive a 20% discount on the purchase price.

Our slouchy boots are made by Italian brend LARA MAY from high-quality materials and offer a unique and modern look. In addition, they are designed to be very comfortable to wear all day, thanks to their cushioned sole and soft structure.

Sconto del 20% su Tutti gli Stivali Slouchy: Aggiungi un tocco di Stile al Tuo Look