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The beautiful white Gio+ trainers with bright fuchsia interior and coloured lizard rhinestone accessory are the epitome of bold and lively style; These shoes combine the simplicity and versatility of white trainers with a touch of originality and personality given by the fuchsia interior and the rhinestone-covered lizard-shaped accessory;

The fuchsia coloured interior of the trainers adds a vibrant and fun note of colour to the overall design; This contrast between the white exterior and the fuchsia interior creates an eye-catching visual effect and makes these trainers unique;

The lizard-shaped accessory, made of coloured rhinestones, is placed prominently on top of the trainers, immediately attracting attention; The shine of the rhinestones adds a touch of elegance and glamour to the overall design, creating an effect of light and colour that is sure not to go unnoticed;

These white Gio+ shoes with fuchsia interior and rhinestone lizard accessory are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and express their unique personality through their own style; They can be worn with dresses or trousers of different colours to create lively and fashionable outfits;

In addition to their attractive appearance, these trainers also offer comfort and support; The cushioned sole and high-quality material ensure a comfortable fit and durability, allowing you to walk in style and safety;

Choose the beautiful white trainers with fuchsia interior and rhinestone lizard accessory to add a touch of originality and liveliness to your outfits; With these unique shoes, you are sure to make a bold style statement and grab attention wherever you go;

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Tabella dei numeri di scarpe da donna

22,5 – 23 cm taglia 35

23,5 cm taglia 36

24 – 24,5 cm misura 37

24,5 – 25 cm taglia 38

25 – 25,5 cm taglia 39

26 cm taglia 40

26,5 – 27 cm Misura 41

Per una calzata corretta, è necessario conoscere la lunghezza della soletta all’interno della scarpa, indicata nella tabella. Viene misurato con un centimetro morbido e corrisponde al numero di scarpe. Quando si misura la lunghezza della soletta, è importante considerare la forma e il materiale della suola per assicurarsi che la scarpa calzi bene, oltre a tenere conto delle caratteristiche del piede, come l’altezza del collo del piede, la larghezza, la lunghezza e il volume. Un numero di scarpe sbagliato può causare disagi e problemi di salute del piede, quindi è importante cercare di scegliere le scarpe in base alle caratteristiche individuali di ogni persona.

Table of women's shoe sizes

22.5 – 23 cm size 35

23.5 cm size 36

24 – 24.5 cm size 37

24.5 – 25 cm size 38

25 – 25.5 cm size 39

26 cm size 40

26.5 – 27 cm Size 41

For a correct fit, it is necessary to know the length of the insole inside the shoe, shown in the table. It is measured with a soft centimetre and corresponds to the shoe size. When measuring the length of the insole, it is important to consider the shape and material of the sole to ensure that the shoe fits properly, as well as taking into account the characteristics of the foot, such as instep height, width, length and volume. The wrong shoe size can cause discomfort and foot health problems, so it is important to try to choose shoes according to each person’s individual characteristics.

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